First Elite Lounge 2022: 25 small and medium enterprises lead the show

The image relating to the News on the first ELITE Lounge in 2022 that will accompany 25 small and medium-sized enterprises on a path of financial acceleration and training, portrays a group of colleagues in a meeting room. The walls of the rooms and the table around which they are gathered are in crystal.

The first Intesa Sanpaolo ELITE LOUNGE for 2022 has launched, set to accompany 25 small and medium enterprises along a financial acceleration and training path with a focus on the opportunities for growth and development offered up by globalisation, strategic innovation, business culture and good governance: the SMEs involved will be given the chance of accessing integrated services and a network of international professionals and investors to facilitate their access to the capital market.

The 25 SMEs selected by Intesa Sanpaolo for this new edition of the programme, pursued in a partnership with ELITE, which is the private market of integrated services and multi-stakeholder network that is part of the Euronext Group, come from 11 different regions of Italy - of which approximately 30% from the south - and belong to different industrial sectors of excellence of the economy, such as electric, technological, agricultural food and construction.

In the four years since the first Lounge, Intesa Sanpaolo has supported more than 250 companies in this path of training, dimensional growth and opening up to the capital market.