Financing of €24 million to En Ergon for organic waste treatment

The image that accompanies the News on financing at En Ergon portrays a smiling young man,  with a helmet, gloves and a flashlight, while inspecting a plant characterized by pipes, handcuffs and pressure gauges.

Intesa Sanpaolo and a pool of banks have approved a €24 million loan for En Ergon, an Astea Group company, for the construction of an innovative plant in Ostra (AN) for the production of biomethane from organic household waste: "wet" waste from separate collection.

The project, already 80% implemented, has the capacity to treat most of the organic waste of the province of Ancona in a circular process: fermentation will release biogas that will then be converted into biomethane and fed into the network; the remaining organic product (digestate), after being treated and dried, will be converted into soil and quality fertilizer to be used in agriculture.

Intesa Sanpaolo also acted as Sustainability Coordinator in the deal, confirming its commitment to the circular economy in the separate waste collection and recycling sector, which has a strong environmental impact.