Agreement between Exetra and SACE for the internationalization of Italian SMEs

The image accompanying the News on the collaboration agreement between Exetra and Sace to promote the international growth of Italian SMEs, portrays a woman in a shirt, smiling, sitting at a meeting table and surrounded by other people, taken up in the act of shaking hand to a man in a jacket sitting at the same table

Exetra, trading company of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group, has signed a collaboration agreement with SACE, the Italian insurance-financial company, to foster the international growth of Italian SMEs.

In particular, the agreement provides:

  • a closer collaboration to facilitate the spread of the goods and services offered by Italian companies on the international markets, expanding the target destinations
  • a deeper knowledge of the relevant products and services offered, through dedicated training experiences.

Since it was first established in 2019, Exetra has always supported the spread of “Made in Italy”, supporting dozens of companies in shipping and customs practices, order settlement and relations with banks and insurance companies.