New finance with the SACE SupportItalia Guarantee

The image accompanying the News on new loans with SACE SupportItalia guarantee portrays a man and a woman consulting a tablet together. They are in a workshop, wearing overalls, helmets, goggles and protective gloves and. behind them, a third person is carrying out a welding operation

Intesa Sanpaolo is the first Italian bank to have adhered to the SACE SupportItalia Guarantee, the extraordinary measure envisaged by the “Aiuti” Decree to support companies in difficulty as a result of the impact brought about by the conflict in Ukraine and expensive energy prices, making new loans available immediately to cover:

  • payroll costs
  • investments
  • lease charges or business unit rental
  • working capital.

The new instrument flanks other recent initiatives taken in support of the Italian production system, such as: immediate measures to support energy-intensive SMEs and those with turnover deriving to a large extent from exports, in particular to Russia and Ukraine; measures to foster investments in renewable energies of all companies, in particular SMEs in the agribusiness and third sector value chain, with a credit facility of €10 billion.