With Fondazione di Venezia for the relaunch of female entrepreneurship

The image accompanying the News on the launch of the I.R.I.S. project with Fondazione di Venezia for the provision of guaranteed loans to support female micro-enterprises, portrays a young woman at work near a professional sewing machine, spools of thread and rolls of fabric, inside a laboratory

Intesa Sanpaolo and Fondazione di Venezia launch project I.R.I.S.  (Impact for the Re-launch of (micro) Sustainable Enterprises): the aim is to support female entrepreneurs operating in the city of Venice by providing guaranteed loans while promoting the specificities of the local manufacturing.

The initiative stems from the difficulties faced by women’s businesses in the area, also due to the financial crisis brought about by the pandemic.

The I.R.I.S. project is dedicated to micro enterprises in the food, personal services and traditional crafts segments, with operative offices in the Metropolitan City of Venice, whose owners are adult women who:

  • have suffered a decline of at least 30% of their income and/or turnover in the last two years, have at most 5 employees and intend to consolidate, re-launch and innovate their activities through the presentation of a project
  • are in the start-up phase of production in the segments of trade and small crafts.

To cover the project, Fondazione di Venezia has established two guarantee funds for a total of €100,000 and financing for a minimum of €2,000 and a maximum of €10,000, which the selected female entrepreneurs can apply for from Intesa Sanpaolo.

More information and link to the application form is available on the website of Fondazione di Venezia.