Support for SMEs in the tourism sector raised to €1.2 billion

The image accompanying the News on support for the tourism sector portrays a young tourist with a backpack, straw hat and camera, while admiring the view in a street in Burano

Intesa Sanpaolo has increased its support to SMEs in the tourism sector to €1.2 billion, while also providing them with new tools to maximise the effectiveness of public incentives provided by the NRRP such as:

  • transfer of tax credits: this will allow those who have accrued tax credits to transfer them to the bank, obtaining payment without having to wait until the end of the recovery period envisaged by the law;
  • short-term financing: for advances on outright grants paid on completion of work;
  • medium-long term loans: with disbursement based on the state of progress of works and pre-amortisation with the possibility of repaying part of the principal through government incentives.

In order to help expedite investments in the tourism sector, supporting SMEs on this journey, Intesa Sanpaolo has recently provided financing solutions with bonus mechanisms in terms of lower borrowing costs:

Suite Loan
The Suite Loan is intended for tourism businesses that want to improve their positioning in terms of the quality of their accommodations.
Businesses utilising Suite Loan financing will be granted additional financial support following an upgrade in terms of "stars". 

S-Loan Turismo
The S-Loan Turismo financing is intended for tourism companies investing in the energy requalification of hotels, with a particular focus on environmental impacts.
S-Loan Turismo financing can be combined with the 80% SACE Green guarantee, which allows to the duration of the financing to be extended up to 20 years.