Loan of €640 million to develop Venice and Treviso airports

The image accompanying the News on the financing to Save for the development of Veneto airports with safer and more sustainable infrastructures, portrays the Venice lagoon taken from a plane in flight, a wing of which can be glimpsed

Intesa Sanpaolo, together with CDP and in a pool with other banks, signed a loan of €640 million in favour of Milione Spa, the main shareholder of Save Group, for technological innovation, energy transition and smart and sustainable mobility, through initiatives such as:

  • introduction of technological innovations for passenger screening
  • installation of a new baggage handling system
  • adoption of technologies that will contribute to the achievement of energy transition goals (agrovoltaic systems, geothermal energy, green hydrogen production)
  • development of new types of air transport for a smart and environmentally sustainable mobility, in collaboration with ENAC (the Italian civil aviation authority)
  • expansion of the Venice airport terminal.

The five-year loan will allow the company to refinance its existing debt and invest in infrastructure at Venice and Treviso airports to make them safer and more sustainable.