Neva invests in Israeli company Classiq's quantum computing

The image accompanying the News on Neva's investment in Classiq, a leading Israeli company in Quantum Computing, portrays a young man inside a server farm; he is in his shirt and holds a laptop in his hands

Neva SGR, a subsidiary of Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center, through the Neva First Fund, has closed an investment in Classiq, an Israeli company at the forefront of quantum computing, a new technology that takes advantage of the laws of quantum mechanics to solve problems too complex for traditional computers.

Quantum computing will foster the evolution of cybersecurity and enable the creation of innovative solutions, especially in financial services, banking and insurance, with the creation of better-performing machine learning algorithms, solving optimisation problems (for example, of a financial portfolio or a system for allocating collateral in credit) and scenario simulations, such as predicting the value of a financial instrument or performing stress tests to assess responsiveness to unexpected events.

Since 2020 Neva SGR has invested approximately €67 million through its Neva First Fund, which has €250 million to invest. After the recent investments in vFunction, Ternary , and Classiq, Neva SGR is preparing to conclude new deals in other Italian and foreign companies operating in cybersecurity, agritech and life science.