New support of €1 billion for the agri-food chain

The image accompanying the News on joining the Supply Chain Contracts of the 5th MIPAAF call by making € 1 billion of new credit available, portrays the trailers of a tractor full of apples, inside a cultivated field

Intesa Sanpaolo is participating in the Contratti di filiera (supply chain contracts) programme of the fifth tender by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forest Policies, offering €1 billion of new credit to encourage investments in the agri-food and agro-energy sectors.

Within the framework of this strategic NRRP measure, Intesa Sanpaolo will operate both as lender to individual borrowers and authorised bank liaising with the ministry for the overall contract.

Intesa Sanpaolo has long devoted specific attention to supply chains through its Supply Chain Development Programme, and to the national agri-food sector through the resources and professionals of its Agribusiness Department, the Group's centre of excellence dedicated to agriculture.

In the agri-food sector the bank has activated 170 supply chain contracts involving more than 6,500 suppliers, over 22,000 employees of supply chain leaders, for a total turnover of €22billion.