For the new São Paulo Metro line in Brazil a €1.3 billion pool financing

The image accompanying the News on the € 1.3 billion pool financing for the construction of the new line 6 of the Sao Paulo metro in Brazil, portrays the Octavio Frias de Oliveira bridge with skyscrapers and roads of the city

Intesa Sanpaolo is taking part in the pool financing of around €1.3 billion for the construction of the new line no. 6 of the São Paulo urban railway in Brazil: this is the largest public-private infrastructure project in Latin America, with an overall commitment of around €3.4 billion.

The operation is an example of sustainable financing based on criteria linked to female and local employment, electric mobility and local entrepreneurialism.

After taking part in the renovation project of Terminal 1 at New York’s JFK airport, Intesa Sanpaolo confirms its commitment to modernise the public infrastructure at the global level.