Agreement with Regalgrid Europe to support SMEs in the supply chain

The image accompanying the News on Regalgrid's adhesion to the "Supply Chain Development" Programme, to facilitate access to credit for SME suppliers, portrays a technician in a field of photovoltaic panels, intent on carrying out some checks with a tablet

As part of its Supply Chain Development Programme, Intesa Sanpaolo and Regalgrid Europe have signed a cooperation agreement that will enable the Treviso-based company to further strengthen ties with its suppliers and strategic partners, mainly installers, designers and electricians operating in the renewable energy sector.

The aim of the agreement is to support SMEs in the supply chain, facilitating their access to credit as part of the supply chain, in order to increase jobs and investments.

Regalgrid Europe operates in the renewable energy sector and specialises in developing and installing advanced photovoltaic power management systems.

Regalgrid Europe is also one of the suppliers of Intesa Sanpaolo Rent Foryou - an Intesa Sanpaolo Group company active in operational leasing - for companies preparing to invest in photovoltaic generation plants.

The numbers of Intesa Sanpaolo's Supply Chain Programme in the Veneto region:

  • 120 supply chain contracts activated
  • over 1,650 suppliers involved 
  • a total turnover of approximately €11.5 billion

Intesa Sanpaolo's Supply Chain Programme aims to facilitate access to credit for companies identified as strategic suppliers by the supply chain lead company.