Agreement with Abruzzo SEZ to relaunch the regional economy

The image accompanying the News on the agreement with the Abruzzo SEZ for the relaunch of the regional economy, portrays an aerial view, at night, of the port of Pescara

Intesa Sanpaolo and the Government’s Extraordinary Commissioner for the Abruzzo Special Economic Zones (SEZ) have entered into an agreement to promote new production facilities in the region and relaunch the local economy that calls for:

  • support for the sustainable investments of small and medium-sized enterprises operating in the regional SEZ
  • reshoring activities
  • individual and supply chain business development programmes
  • training courses dedicated to the management of companies active in the area
  • initiatives with high economic and social impact that can attract investors.

Thanks to simplified bureaucracy, tax benefits and quicker connections, the Abruzzo SEZ will be able to offer its regional development a considerable boost in terms of employment and local and foreign investments.

In addition, the sea-based economy is strategic to the economic development of Abruzzo: imports-exports via sea in fact accounts for 29% of total turnover with abroad (source of data: SRM - Study Centre connected with Intesa Sanpaolo).

To speed up growth of the southern economy, Intesa Sanpaolo has been involved since 2017 in the enhancement of the SEZs of southern Italy, for which it has allocated a credit facility of €1.5 billion for new investments.