From Intesa Sanpaolo and SACE €10bn for the energy independence of companies

The image accompanying the News on the €10 billion from Intesa Sanpaolo and SACE for the energy independence of companies, portrays a man at work on a roof for the installation of photovoltaic panels. The roof is sloping and the worker, wearing overalls and a helmet, is working on its inclined plane

Intesa Sanpaolo and SACE supply €10 billion to foster investment by businesses in renewable energy, so as to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and start a process of "energy self-production", while also taking advantage of the opportunities provided by government measures.

The lines of action are dedicated in particular to SMEs in the agribusiness and non-profit sector, oriented towards renewable energy production, energy efficiency and the circular economy and include:

  • consultancy and advisory services to access tenders/pursue complex projects: in collaboration with SACE’s NRRP Workshops on environmental and financial sustainability topics to navigate through the context of green investments admitted with NRRP resources
  • promotion of investments aimed at reducing energy dependency: medium/long-term financing, up to 20 years, with SACE Green Guarantee
  • support in the management and mitigation of rising costs of raw materials: short-term loans with SACE guarantee to allow energy-consuming companies to cope with paying the bills without having to break them down into instalments and financial instruments to hedge the risk of changes in gas and electricity prices
  • consultancy to access tenders and pursue complex projects connected with the NRRP through Incent Now, the Intesa Sanpaolo digital platform for companies and entities fostering the implementation of the NRRP, in collaboration with Deloitte.

Renewables are crucial for the diversification of SMEs' energy sources: investing in renewable energies would allow savings on energy bills estimated at between 30% and 50%, based on energy costs in early 2022 (data source: survey by Intesa Sanpaolo's Research Department in cooperation with Prometeia).

The initiative comes under the scope of Motore Italia, Intesa Sanpaolo’s strategic project for liquidity and new credit, intended to speed up the sustainable transition by businesses.