S-Loan financing of €12 million for Karton's ESG goals

The image accompanying the News on the € 12 million S-Loan financing for Karton's ESG objectives, portrays a young man with protective goggles and gloves intent on sifting through the white and blue plastic material contained in some trays, inside a laboratory equipped with large plants and machinery

Intesa Sanpaolo has granted Karton a €12 million S-Loan that the company based in Sacile (PN), a leading manufacturer of honeycomb and compact polypropylene packaging and sheets, will use to finance its sustainable growth projects and in particular for:

  • the adoption of an internal environmentally friendly procurement procedure for purchasing, transport and energy supplies
  • the development of employee welfare programmes.

Intesa Sanpaolo supports SMEs committed to improving their profile and impact in environmental, governance and social terms by providing them with tools such as S-Loans characterized by a reward mechanism that allows them to obtain a discount on the cost of the loan itself by achieving specific shared KPIs.