With SACE, support for SAVNO's sustainability investments

The image accompanying the € 4 million S-Loan News with SACE Green Guarantee to Savno for the introduction of an environmentally friendly procurement policy and the achievement of carbon neutrality, portrays the canopy of a large tree from which filter the sun's rays

With an S-Loan of €4 million backed by a SACE Green Guarantee, Intesa Sanpaolo is supporting the sustainable growth projects of Treviso-based Servizi Ambientali Veneto Nord Orientale (SAVNO), involving:

  • the introduction of a procurement policy that integrates environmental considerations on transport and energy
  • the achievement of carbon neutrality.

In detail, the S-Loan – a tool designed by Intesa Sanpaolo to support virtuous SMEs in achieving ESG objectives – will allow SAVNO:

  • to modernise existing waste collection centres and set up facilities that are safer and more efficient, thus increasing the recovery rate
  • to purchase new waste collection trucks in order to maintain a modern fleet powered by biomethane (made from organic waste), in line with the company's objectives of encouraging the circular economy.