With SACE to support Italian SMEs' exports to the United Arab Emirates

The image accompanying the News on the Bee'ah loan guaranteed by SACE to increase business opportunities for Italian exporters in the United Arab Emirates, depicts a warehouse from above in which an employee is transporting goods with a trolley

As part of SACE's Push Strategy programme, Intesa Sanpaolo provided a loan to the Emirates-based Bee'ah Sharjah Environmental Co. LLC, 80% guaranteed by SACE, with the goals of:

  • facilitating the development of Bee'ah's trade relations with Italian exporters
  • increasing supply from Italy in the coming years.

Bee'ah is the leading company in the United Arab Emirates in the waste management sector and the deal aims to increase business opportunities for Italian exporters, strengthening economic relations between Italy and the Middle East.

SACE's Push Strategy programme targets large foreign buyers to support their growth with a commitment to evaluating Italian suppliers for the implementation of their investment plans.