First Superbonus tax credit resale agreement with Autotorino

The image accompanying the News on the first agreement for the resale of tax credits related to the Superbonus, signed with Autotorino, depicts in the foreground a protective helmet used in construction sites resting on a table where projects and a level are visible, while in the background two men are shaking hands in sign of agreement

Intesa Sanpaolo and Autotorino have signed the first agreement in Italy for the resale of tax credits related to the Superbonus relief programme, fully implementing the Aid Decree, which provides for resale to the business community.

The objective of the resale, which allows the bank to increase its tax capacity, is to progressively restart the market for the purchase of tax credits, benefiting companies in the construction sector that are in difficulty due to the freeze on purchases.

The agreement signed with Autotorino pertains to tax credits related to the Superbonus programme with a tax value of €200 million. Intesa Sanpaolo soon aims to involve a large number of companies to further expand its tax capacity.

Intesa Sanpaolo was the first bank to announce operations relating to the Superbonus, Ecobonus and Sismabonus relief programmes and, since August 2020, has acquired tax credits amounting to over €10 billion, €7 billion of which in the current year, against demand of over €20 billion.