Agreement with FAITA-Federcamping to support the open-air tourism sector

The image accompanying the agreement with FAITA-Federcamping in support of the open-air tourism sector portrays a sunny mountain landscape seen from inside a camping tent, from which the foot of the person occupying it also appears

Intesa Sanpaolo and FAITA-Federcamping, the Federation of Italian Associations of Open-Air Tourism-Recreational Complexes, have signed an agreement benefiting companies in the sector that, complementing the €1.2 billion of support already made available to SMEs in the tourism sector, is aimed at sustaining their investments in three areas of intervention:

  • upgrading and increasing standards of quality of hospitality facilities
  • renovation of facilities and services for greater environmental sustainability
  • digitalisation of the service model.

In particular, participating companies can be supported by specific financing, such as a Suite Loan, S-Loan Tourism and D-Loan, designed by Intesa Sanpaolo to share customer sustainability improvement goals from an ESG perspective.

In addition, Intesa Sanpaolo provides FAITA members with Incent Now, a free digital platform dedicated to the opportunities offered by calls for proposals promoted by national and European institutional bodies as part of NRRP planning, as well as the possibility of renting – rather than purchasing – business assets through Intesa Sanpaolo Rent Foryou.

Finally, tools in support of open-air tourism businesses include social impact measures dedicated to participants' employees and their families, such as XME StudioStation, PerMerito and mamma@work.