In Turin, an exhibition of photos from the post-war years to the economic boom

The image accompanying the news on the exhibition "From the war to the Moon 1945-1969" on display at the Gallerie d'Italia in Turin, represents a scene in which happy young women and men, sitting around a radio from which they listen to the news

“From the War to the Moon 1945-1969. Glimpses from the Intesa Sanpaolo Publifoto Archive": the exhibition, through a selection of around 80 shots, tells the story of the Italy that arose from the rubble of the Second World War, the Marshall plan with which America helped it to begin again, the boom of the nineteenth sixties and the advent of television, cars for the masses and the dreams linked to the conquest of the moon.

The images of the exhibition relate the economic and social transformation of Italy through, for example, photos of factory work and beauty contests, sporting and singing competitions, the construction of bridges and skyscrapers, bearing witness to the evolution of the media in Italian society through the advent of television, an instrument that favoured the spread of mass consumption and the cultural unification of Italy and on which it was possible to watch an adventure able to make people believe that the world would change, that is, the landing on the moon.

The exhibition, curated by Giovanna Calvenzi and Aldo Grasso, inaugurates the Gallerie d’Italia - Turin, Intesa Sanpaolo's new museum in Piazza San Carlo, presenting for public appreciation and making accessible a selection of images from the rich Publifoto Archive of Intesa Sanpaolo that tells the story of the years from the post-war period to the economic boom. 

For information on opening times and admission, visit the Gallerie d'Italia website.

Look at some of the shots from the exhibition, all taken from the Intesa Sanpaolo Publifoto Archive: