Loan of €5 million to regenerate the former rope factory of Viserba

The image for urban regeneration a of Rimini's former rope factory depicts a young girl, dressed in white and listening to music with headphones, sitting in front of a very luminescent window of a house surrounded by greenery

Intesa Sanpaolo provides €5 million with the SACE Green Guarantee, in support of the urban regeneration project involving the former rope factory of Viserba, Rimini.

Residence Viserba srl (the Renco Group) will be able to use the resources received to launch development of an environmental and energy sustainable district in the area with new houses and a public park.

Thanks to the positive impact in terms of mitigating climate change, the interventions financed with SACE come under the scope of the European Union Green New Deal objectives.

The development of a sustainable economy, which is possible by fostering investments like that of Viserba, is also in line with the objectives tied to the NRRP.