Basket Bond of €10 mln for the growth of Unidata, in partnership with ELITE

The image accompanying the €10 million Basket Bond News for the growth of Unidata portrays a young woman with straight brown hair, sitting at a desk in front of a laptop, with headphones and microphone

Intesa Sanpaolo supports Unidata with a €10 million debenture loan that comes under the scope of the Basket Bond programme launched as part of a partnership with ELITE to support the most virtuous Italian SMEs.

The basket bond will be subscribed in full by Intesa Sanpaolo and Unidata, telecommunications, cloud and IoT service operator, will use it for investments in the development of the investees UniCenter and UniFeber.

The Basket Bond is an alternative finance instrument that Intesa Sanpaolo makes available to SMEs to diversify their sources of finance, while strengthening and increasing their visibility on the market.