Neva Sgr invests in US biotech firm Tr1X

The image accompanying the News on Neva Sgr's investment in the US biotech Tr1X portrays a researcher at work in a laboratory. She is wearing a lab coat, gloves and a mask and is transferring liquids between tubes.

Through its Neva First Fund, Neva Sgr has finalised an investment in Tr1X, a leading US biotech firm researching cures for autoimmune and inflammatory diseases: Tr1X aims to deliver the first clinical trial dose in 2023.

Tr1X was founded by Professor Maria Grazia Roncarolo, one of the world's leading experts in cell and gene therapy.

Neva Sgr, an Intesa Sanpaolo Group company wholly owned by Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center, also successfully completed the fundraising of €250 million for its Neva First Fund, dedicated to investments in highly innovative companies worldwide.