Support for the sustainability investments of Vitali Spa

The image accompanying the News on support for investments in sustainability by Vitali Spa portrays three men from behind, with helmets, on a construction site, while observing the wall of a structure under demolition

Intesa Sanpaolo has disbursed a €5 million S-Loan backed by a SACE Green Guarantee to support the investments in sustainability and circularity of the Bergamo-based Vitali Spa: the S-Loan ESG financing is intended for the construction of a latest-generation plant for crushing inert materials, capable of protecting the environment from the harmful effects of wastewater discharges and making them reusable in the water cycle, with zero environmental impact and minimised noise and dust emissions.

The operation in favour of Vitali, a company active in infrastructure, production of building materials, large mobility infrastructure and real estate development, is part of the €1 billion granted by Cassa Depositi e Prestiti to facilitate lending to SMEs and mid-caps.