Supply chain credit: €15 mln for La Linea Verde fruit and vegetable supply chain

The image that accompanies the News on the €15 million confirming operation for the fruit and vegetable supply chain of La Linea Verde Spa suppliers, portrays a young woman in a large, orderly and cultivated vegetable garden as far as the eye can see. The woman is standing, smiling, with her arms folded

Intesa Sanpaolo is providing €15 million in support of the fruit and vegetable supply chain of La Linea Verde Spa, DimmidiSì brand, through a Confirming transaction that makes it possible:

  • to optimise the working capital management within the supply chain
  • to facilitate access to credit for suppliers of the lead firm

The transaction also meets the need of La Linea Verde to stabilise its production chain and to obtain payment extensions from its suppliers or the bank.

La Linea Verde is one of Italy's largest producers of fresh and ready-to-eat fruit and vegetables: in Italy it manages over 2,000 hectares of crops within a single controlled and certified agricultural supply chain.

At a national level, in the agri-food sector, Intesa Sanpaolo through its Agribusiness Department, has already initiated 115 confirming contracts, as well as 170 supply chain contracts involving more than 6,500 suppliers, for a total turnover of more than €22 billion.