Agreement with Enel X for the development of agrisolar parks

The image that accompanies the News on support for Italian agricultural enterprises to participate in the new tenders of the PNRR for the construction of agricultural solar parks, together with Enel X, portrays a modern farmhouse on whose roof photovoltaic panels are installed. In front of the farmhouse some cows are grazing

Intesa Sanpaolo and Enel X have signed an agreement to help Italian agricultural SMEs participate in the NRRP tender dedicated to the creation of agrisolar parks.

The goal is to support agricultural businesses in adopting circular economy models and sustainable energy production and supply, in line with the NRRP mission dedicated to the Green Revolution and Ecological Transition.        

Enel X and Intesa Sanpaolo will contribute in their areas of expertise, with the former offering technical and design advice to help companies adopt photovoltaic systems and the latter supporting them with project implementation solutions.

The agrisolar parks tender provides for specific contributions towards:

  • purchase and installation of photovoltaic panels on the roofs of buildings
  • installation of electricity storage systems and/or electric charging devices for sustainable mobility

for agricultural entrepreneurs, agro-industrial enterprises and agricultural cooperatives.