Intesa Sanpaolo takes Atalanta Football Camps to Egypt

The image for the press conference introducing the Atalanta Football Camps depicts the field at Bergamo's Gewiss Stadium with Atalanta written on the stands

Intesa Sanpaolo and Atalanta B.C. Football Club support the Atalanta Football Camps, an inclusion initiative that leverages sport to develop the potential of boys and girls from vulnerable backgrounds.

The Atalanta Football Camps – to be held in Egypt this year from October 5-7 – will offer 120 underprivileged boys and girls the chance to develop their skills by training with Atalanta B.C. instructors.

The 2023 edition of the Atalanta Football Camps is the third appointment that employs soccer as a symbol of cohesion, supported by Intesa Sanpaolo through its International Subsidiary Banks Division (ISBD), following the success of the previous editions in Albania and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The press conference to present the Atalanta Football Camps, held at the Gewiss Stadium in Bergamo, Italy, was attended by representatives of Intesa Sanpaolo, its Egyptian subsidiary Alexbank, and Atalanta B.C.

The International Subsidiary Banks Division supports numerous social responsibility activities with the aim of creating shared value across the 12 countries in which it operates. Among the inclusion and sustainability initiatives supported are the Atalanta Football Camps, three days of sports in which soccer becomes a symbol of cohesion, empowerment and growth for 120 children from vulnerable backgrounds.” 

Marco Elio Rottigni, Chief of Intesa Sanpaolo’s International Subsidiary Banks Division

The International Subsidiary Banks Division (ISBD) in brief

The Division serves 7.1 million customers in 12 countries through 11 commercial banks that play a primary role in the economic and social growth of their target markets, through innovative financial product and service offerings and distinctive ESG expertise.

Alexbank is Intesa Sanpaolo’s Egyptian subsidiary, led by CEO Dante Campioni, with assets of €4.462 billion and 1.78 million customers.

Intesa Sanpaolo & Atalanta

From 2020, Intesa Sanpaolo is Sponsor and Banking Partner of Atalanta B.C. and Main Sponsor of the teams that make up its youth sector. Intesa Sanpaolo also financed the redevelopment project of the Gewiss Stadium to provide the city of Bergamo with a strategic infrastructure and a new, inclusive and sustainable space, able to host sports activities as well as commercial services and cultural initiatives.