Battistella loaned €9 mln to invest in energy and environmental sustainability

The image accompanying the News on the €9 million loan to Battistella for investments in energy and environmental sustainability, portrays a series of photovoltaic panels installed on the roof of an industrial warehouse

Intesa Sanpaolo is lending Battistella Spa €9 million for the construction of a new building featuring high energy and environmental standards.

The transaction, backed by SACE’s Green Guarantee, is in line with Intesa Sanpaolo’s broader plan in support of investments by companies in the environmental transition and the attainment of goals linked to the NRRP.

In more detail, the loan will make possible the installation of a photovoltaic plant in the new building for energy self-production from renewable sources with a reduction of CO2 emissions.

The building is designed to reduce electricity consumption to a minimum through an automated system of skylights, windows and sensors; it also envisages the use of materials from building recovery and reuse and the installation of a charging station for electric vehicles.

With the “Motore Italia Transizione Energetica” programme, Intesa Sanpaolo is making available €76 billion to encourage the energy autonomy processes of Italian businesses with a specific project linked to the Renewable Energy Communities (REC).