Pravex Bank employees donated blood to save the lives of hospital patients

The image depicts a blood donation clinic with some nurses talking to each other

PRAVEX BANK together with the mobile team of the Kyiv City Blood Center held Donor Day at the Bank's head office.

In total, 31 employees of PRAVEX BANK joined the initiative. Among them were both experienced donors and those who decided to donate blood for the first time. This donation will replenish the blood bank of the Kyiv City Blood Center and will be distributed to hospitals, depending on the needs.

"Blood donation is an important and good role model that saves the health and lives of other people. The participation of PRAVEX BANK in such initiatives is very important, because they contribute to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and comply with the ESG principles that the Bank is guided by while implementing its own development strategy.

We hope that donation will become a new tradition of PRAVEX BANK, and we will continue to support those who need help."

Svitlana Kramarova, Member of the Management Board, Chief Financial Officer and ESG manager of PRAVEX BANK