First Elite Lounge 2023: Intesa Sanpaolo supports growth of new SMEs

The image that accompanies the News on Intesa Sanpaolo's first Elite Lounge 2023 portrays some people in formal clothes discussing some documents around a meeting table

A new edition of Intesa Sanpaolo's ELITE Lounge, a programme of training and support for small and medium-sized enterprises in their growth and access to private and public capital markets, is now under way.

The companies involved will have the opportunity to get in touch with a network of professionals and institutional investors to facilitate their access to capital markets, as well as to participate in a training programme on development opportunities related to internationalisation, strategic innovation, corporate culture, good governance and finding the right financial resources.

The SMEs selected for Intesa Sanpaolo's first ELITE Lounge 2023 come from all over Italy and belong to various industrial sectors of excellence in the Italian economy, including mechanical engineering, fashion, agribusiness and construction

In the five years since the first Lounge, Intesa Sanpaolo has supported more than 300 companies by fostering their competitiveness in international markets, size growth and investment drive.

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