Agribusiness supply chain: agreement with the National Council of Food Districts

The image that accompanies the News on the agreement with the National Consultation of Food Districts portrays some young people in a tomato cultivation, intent on observing their characteristics

Intesa Sanpaolo and the Associazione Consulta Nazionale dei Distretti del Cibo (National Council of Food Districts) have signed an agreement to make available €50 million to support the growth of member Italian agri-food SMEs.

The main objectives of the agreement include:

  • to increase target markets, including international markets
  • to facilitate financial support for agricultural entrepreneurs interested in making new investments
  • to provide advice on issues such as generational transition, aggregation and innovation

Intesa Sanpaolo and its Agribusiness Department are thus making its specialised products and services available to companies that are members of the Food Districts, including: financing for the development of Italian production chains, including through supply chain and/or business network agreements; and digitalisation and sustainability measures such as the development of renewable energy sources and solar fields.

The Consulta Nazionale dei Distretti del Cibo was set up to collectively represent the interests of the agri-food districts, to safeguard and protect environmental, cultural, tourism, landscape and culinary heritage and to raise awareness of the country's intangible heritage, rich landscapes and qualities of its local communities, in Italy and around the world.