Supporting family businesses in the challenge of generational transition

The image that accompanies the News on the challenges of generational change in family businesses portrays two smiling men, one older and one younger, in an open, green space: the young man affectionately embraces the older man, who has white hair and beard, squeezing his shoulders in his arms

Intesa Sanpaolo assists and supports family businesses in generational transition – one of the most critical and complex phases for Italian family businesses, with a potential impact on the family and lenders, even putting the very survival of the business at risk: just 50% of SMEs make it to the second generation and just 10% to the third1.

This is also relevant in the light of the challenges posed by digital transformation and environmental transition, which require flexibility and multidisciplinarity from the new generations.

To assist companies in adopting the right strategies to preserve business continuity, Intesa Sanpaolo offers more than just credit:

  • specialist support
  • dedicated training processes
  • advanced corporate finance consulting, e.g. for tax and financial planning and extraordinary transactions
  • collaboration with the ELITE programme, the Euronext ecosystem that helps SMEs and innovative young businesses to grow and enjoy access to private and public capital markets

The topic was the subject of a conference organised by Intesa Sanpaolo.

The generational support is of strategic importance for the preservation and future of Italy's industrial heritage:

The inclusion of new managers and young people in the board brings considerable benefits: