Intesa Sanpaolo supports the Luigi Zàini confectionery supply chain

The image accompanying the News on the supply chain agreement and €2 million confirming operation for the benefit of 15 certified Zaini suppliers, portrays some large chocolate bars in the production chain

Intesa Sanpaolo and Luigi Zàini Spa have entered into a supply chain agreement and a confirming facility of €2 million benefiting 15 certified suppliers of the storied Milanese company, a leading producer of chocolate and candies.

Confirming is a financial solution that optimises working capital within a supply chain: in Italy's agri-food industry, Intesa Sanpaolo has already signed 118 confirming contracts, as well as 170 supply chain contracts involving more than 6,500 suppliers, for a total turnover of more than €22 billion.

Through its Agribusiness Department, which finalised the transaction, Intesa Sanpaolo supports the development of companies in the Italian agribusiness sector.


Photo credits: courtesy Luigi Zàini