Agribusiness: €2.7 mln for GR.A.M.M for investments in growth and sustainability

The image accompanying the News on the €2.7 million loan with SACE for GR.A.M.M.'s sustainability investments portrays a technician while inspecting the pieces of short pasta produced by a machine. The man is wearing a lab coat, a protective cap for his hair, and is touching his glasses with one hand

Intesa Sanpaolo is providing €2.7 million for investments by GR.A.M.M., a company based in Italy's Puglia region that produces pasta and baked goods, aimed at improving its sustainability profile and increasing its productivity.

More specifically, the financing will enable the company:

  • to pursue modernisation and automation initiatives
  • to set up two new production lines that will reduce waste, recycle some by-products and reduce environmental impact.

The transaction draws on Intesa Sanpaolo's circular economy plafond and is backed by an 80% SACE Green Guarantee.

The financing was structured by the Agribusiness Department, the Intesa Sanpaolo Group's national network dedicated to the agribusiness sector.

GR.A.M.M. srl produces pasta marketed both under its own brand, MILO pasta, and mass distribution brands.