Economy and Sustainability: Intesa Sanpaolo participates in Futura Expo 2023

The image accompanying the news on participation in Futura Expo 2023 portrays a woman working on a PC visible from a transparent wall on which there are the reflections of some plants

Intesa Sanpaolo participated in Futura Expo 2023 – an event dedicated to sustainable innovation and sustainable business growth – with meetings and speeches that focused on topics such as:

  • regenerative economy
  • sustainable innovation
  • reducing consumption
  • energy transition

Intesa Sanpaolo emphasised that finance and the sustainable transition represent a competitive advantage and a development opportunity for Italian companies, for long-term growth.

In addition, the theme of the circular economy of strategies for positive impact growth was explored, with a focus on the fashion, textile and packaging sectors.

Through its participation in Futura Economia per l'Ambiente, Intesa Sanpaolo renews its partnership with the Brescia Chamber of Commerce, which over time has given rise to agreements and initiatives to support and stimulate the development of local companies, their growth in terms of size and internationalisation and innovation processes.

This is the backdrop to the ESG Workshop, an initiative launched in both Brescia and Bergamo in agreement with the Chambers of Commerce, dedicated to local SMEs interested in improving their sustainability profiles. 

Intesa Sanpaolo supports the real economy