Syndicated loan of €45 million in support of the Goglio Group

The image accompanying the pooled loan to the Goglio Group assisted by SACE's SupportItalia Guarantee, which will enable ESG targets to be met, depicts a plant with packaging machinery, with a bag being processed

Intesa Sanpaolo has taken part in a €45 million loan disbursed by a pool of banks in favour of the Goglio Group, a leader in the packaging sector, with the aim of optimising the working capital management.

Specifically, the loan will allow the Goglio Group to further increase its commitment in the field of sustainability: indeed, the ESG goals are laid down in the amortisation schedule.

The loan is backed by SACE’s Garanzia SupportItalia, provided by the "Aid Decree" to support Italian businesses impacted by the Russo-Ukrainian conflict and the consequent increase of production and energy costs.

The Goglio Group has paid great attention to environmental impact and has undertaken a process of emissions containment for many years thanks to investment in an energy cogenerator.

Banco BPM and UniCredit also took part in the transaction.