Support for sustainability investments by Italian Cable Company

The image accompanying the News on the €7.5 million loan, assisted by SACE's Green Guarantee, to Italian Cable Company to enhance the photovoltaic plant and the production capacity of green products, portrays a technician working on the cables of a photovoltaic system

Intesa Sanpaolo is supporting the sustainable growth projects of Italian Cable Company S.p.A. with a €7.5-million loan, backed by a SACE Green Guarantee, for investments aimed at:

  • upgrading its photovoltaic system, which is already present and operational, raising its contribution to electricity needs from the current 7.3% to the target of 25%
  • supporting green product production capacity.

Italian Cable Company S.p.A. is a leading Bergamo-based manufacturer of cables for the industrial and energy transport, special connections and cabling systems sectors.

Intesa Sanpaolo has already provided €1.6 billion to support virtuous SMEs in Lombardy in achieving their ESG objectives.