The job market of tomorrow: Intesa Sanpaolo launches the Look4ward Observatory

The image that accompanies the News on the Observatory for tomorrow's work "Look4ward" which was created with the aim of promoting employability, especially of young people, portrays in the foreground the face of a smiling young blonde woman with blue eyes, surrounded by the faces of three other people looking in a different direction

Intesa Sanpaolo presents "Look4ward", Observatory for the job market of tomorrow set up to foster employability, particularly of young people, by monitoring the need for:

  • new skills
  • professional retraining
  • profiles in support of new businesses

in strategic sectors for Italy such as hospitality, agrifood, energy, social & health, banking and IT.

In Italy, where the unemployment rate is 7.8% – 22.3% among young people – 45% of companies are unable to find the manpower needed for development: through its twice-yearly analyses, the Observatory provides scientific support for the demand for skills in the job market.

The Observatory's first publication, "A look at NEETs. Analysis, categorisation and intervention strategies", focuses on the problem of young people not working, studying or training: according to Eurostat data, Italy is the EU country with the highest percentage (23.1%), corresponding to approximately 2.1 million young people, or 3 million if those aged 15-34 are also included.

In the coming months, senior figures at large Italian companies and SMEs are to be consulted to map the geographical distribution of the required skills through interviews and surveys on the most relevant aspects.

Look4ward is in collaboration with Università LUISS Guido Carli and in partnership with SIREF Fiduciaria, Accenture and Digit'Ed.