Introducing Lisa, AI supporting banking supervision related activities

The image that accompanies the News on Lisa, a new Artificial Intelligence tool to support banking supervisory activities, represents a woman and a man who analyze the same document together, surrounded by data-rich terminals

Intesa Sanpaolo has successfully designed and launched the machine learning tool Lisa (Linguistic Intelligence for Supervisory Awareness), which helps quickly read and process thousands of banking supervision publications, drawn from selected sources such as institutions, think-tanks and consultancy firms.

The programme uses NLP (natural language processing) algorithms that can read texts at infinitely higher speed than human beings to identify patterns of meaning and search for objective correlations, and it has shown remarkable "predictive capabilities" that can highlight future trends well in advance.

Intesa Sanpaolo has introduced artificial intelligence in numerous activities and has also launched applied research projects in the sector in collaboration with major centres of excellence: the goal is to provide the Group, its customers and the communities in which it operates with increasingly efficient, innovative and secure services.

Human intelligence plays a crucial role in interaction with Lisa, including to validate results and thus constantly improve its potential.

For its important achievements using artificial intelligence in innovative ways, Rimini AI Week awarded Intesa Sanpaolo's Lisa programme the John McCarthy "Manager + AI Success Stories" Prize.