Inclusion: Intesa Sanpaolo gets more Disability Managers

The image accompanying the News on Disability Managers at Intesa Sanpaolo portrays a young woman in a wheelchair in the Intesa Sanpaolo skyscraper alongside the dog accompanying her

At Intesa Sanpaolo there are about 80 Disability Managers, who play a central role in issues related to the management of disabilities and chronic diseases at the company.

The working group is coordinated by the Welfare function, which acts in synergy with Diversity & Inclusion, and it meets regularly with the trade unions within the framework of the Welfare, Security and Sustainable Development Committee.

The Disability Managers Working Group is made up of personnel from various company structures who pool their professional skills in pursuit of teamwork to support and enhance the contribution of all company people.

To train Disability Managers and create common language as a working tool, Intesa Sanpaolo has also set up advanced training courses in cooperation with Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan.

The results include guidelines for allowing service dogs in the Bank's workplaces – there is no organic legislation in Italy or most European countries – and the launch of the Solidarity Clouds project, which involves various company structures in removing architectural, bureaucratic or legal barriers, as well as personnel in creating crucial solidarity chains.

The culture of inclusion: a widespread value in Intesa Sanpaolo