NRRP: Intesa Sanpaolo keeps training SMEs interested in its opportunities

The image that accompanies the News on training for Italian SMEs on the opportunities offered by the PNRR, portrays three colleagues, a man and two women, while they work together on a project consulting the same PC

Intesa Sanpaolo is providing SMEs, companies and institutions a new series of training sessions on the opportunities arising from the NRRP, in collaboration with Deloitte.

The goal of the more than 40 webinars planned is to support companies in taking advantage of the opportunities presented by the progressive implementation of the operational measures of the NRRP, contributing to access to the EU calls for proposals.

The new webinar series will focus on the relevant topics of the NRRP Missions and upcoming measures, and in particular:

  • digitalisation
  • cybersecurity
  • innovative SMEs and start-ups
  • energy transition
  • measures dedicated to the agribusiness sector

Intesa Sanpaolo has also developed a range of cross-functional products and services dedicated to NRRP initiatives, ranging from tax credit factoring to subsidised finance, from advances on grants to financing to supplement the resources periodically made available by the NRRP.

In addition, in cooperation with Deloitte, Intesa Sanpaolo is providing its corporate clients with the free Incent Now digital platform, which helps steer them towards the opportunities that best suit their investment projects.

To date, some 6,000 Intesa Sanpaolo corporate clients have been awarded public grants under the six missions of the NRRP.

The Intesa Sanpaolo Group intends to support the country's real economy over the period of the Recovery and Resilience Plan by making available more than €410 billion in new medium-to-long-term financing, of which €270 billion for the corporate world.

The planned sessions follow a first cycle of 35 webinars dedicated to specific industry sectors and local communities, which involved some 20,000 companies.