Imprese Vincenti: fifth edition of SME development programme launched

The image accompanying the News on the fifth edition of "Imprese Vincenti", an Intesa Sanpaolo program for the valorisation of Italian entrepreneurial excellence, portrays some people in formal clothes discussing some documents around a meeting table

The fifth edition of Imprese Vincenti ("Winning Enterprises"), the Intesa Sanpaolo programme promoting Italian entrepreneurial excellence, is now underway.

The initiative is open to all SMEs with a focus on:

  • sustainability, i.e. SMEs that have plans for growth and an impact on the communities and areas in which they operate and have embraced ESG criteria
  • communities, to draw attention to the most significant production areas and highlight the distinctive traits of districts and supply chains

while confirming a specific focus on social and third sector enterprises and the agri-food sector.

New features of the fifth edition of Imprese Vincenti include:

  • involvement of foreign companies that will bring their testimony and experience
  • collaboration with universities and national research centres, with more than 20 universities and spokes throughout Italy.

Interested SMEs have until 15 February 2024 to apply by completing the application form: 150 companies will be selected, ten of which will be foreign.

The first four editions of Imprese Vincenti were a great success: more than 10,000 companies applied, of which about 4,000 in the last edition.

The more than 500 companies supported by the programme in previous editions are a positive driver for the overall economy: Intesa Sanpaolo is committed to continuing to provide tools for stable, inclusive growth, leveraging its network and investing in digitalisation, sustainability, internationalisation and the strengthening of local supply chains.

Imprese Vincenti: highlights and reasons for an Italian success

In the period 2019-2021, the turnover (CAGR) of SMEs rose by 6.3% system-wide, while that of Imprese Vincenti companies increased by 10.1%. In terms of SME employment, the period 2019-2021 saw overall growth of 4.8%, while those employed by Imprese Vincenti companies increased by 5.8%.

The factors of success of Imprese Vincenti companies include innovation and research to facilitate increased competitiveness, a focus on digital and sustainability objectives for long-term success, a focus on foreign markets as drivers of growth, a focus on generational change as an avenue for development while staying true to each company's origins, an investment in people and skills as strategic resources for competitiveness, welfare programmes and attentiveness to social impact, towards inclusive development of the economy and society.

Project partners

One of the distinctive traits of the Imprese Vincenti programme is its ability to create an eco-system of key players that support businesses on their path to growth. Over time, partnerships have increased, expanding the range of services offered to selected companies, within a framework of continuity and support capable of keeping pace with each business's evolving needs. Training, specialised expertise, non-financial solutions, advisory and knowledge of thematic contexts are key aspects of the work done by the team of Imprese Vincenti partners: Bain&Company, ELITE and Gambero Rosso, Cerved and Microsoft Italia, Coldiretti, NATIVA and Circularity, together with Digit'ed, Tinexta and AICCON, new partners of the 2024 edition.

In addition, thanks to the tools for developing expertise in internationalisation, the circular economy, business networks and cost management, the specialist functions of Intesa Sanpaolo, the International Subsidiary Banks Division (ISBD) and Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center will also be supporting the Imprese Vincenti development programmes.