Support for Roncadin's internationalisation projects in the USA, with SACE

The image that accompanies the News on the €14 million loan to support Roncadin's growth on international markets, and in particular in the USA, portrays some of the company's employees who work on the toppings of pizzas

Intesa Sanpaolo is supporting Roncadin's growth in international markets, and in the USA in particular, with financing of €14 million guaranteed by SACE and intended for:

  • purchase and renovation of a factory in Chicago
  • construction of a new line to produce and distribute frozen pizzas to the North American market

The project by Roncadin – a company based in Friuli that produces quality frozen pizzas – will be developed through its US subsidiary Roncadin Holding USA Corp, which will thus be able to further intensify business relations with major local food chains.

The deal will also have a positive impact on Roncadin's suppliers, which see their business opportunities multiplied, and follows the supply chain agreement signed last year to facilitate their access to credit.


Photo credits: courtesy Roncadin Spa