Intesa Sanpaolo finances Selene Spa’s circular economy project

The image that accompanies the News on the €2.5 million loan to the Lucca-based Selene Spa for a circular economy project with an innovative plant for the production of recycled polyethylene granules, portrays the sun's rays filtering through the leaves and branches of big green trees

Intesa Sanpaolo is supporting the circular economy projects of the Lucca-based company, Selene Spa, with €2.5 million and, specifically, financing an innovative recycled polyethylene granule production plant, which will enable:

  • the extraction of fossil products intended for the production of virgin plastic to be drastically reduced
  • CO2 emissions to be limited

The loan, with funding made available by the European Investment Bank (EIB), is part of a series of solutions devised by Intesa Sanpaolo to support projects with the goal of climate neutrality or integration in a circular economy process, consistent with the European Green Deal.

Selene Spa is a leading company in the production of flexible plastic packaging in polyethylene for industrial use and has been committed for many years to reducing the environmental impact of its production processes.