“Meta Insieme”: a project for the social inclusion of young prisoners

The image accompanying the News on the Meta Insieme project for young prisoners portrays a group of rugby players who support each other to catch the ball

With "Meta Insieme", Intesa Sanpaolo and Fideuram Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking are promoting a project to support young inmates of the Istituti Penali per i Minorenni (Juvenile Penal Institutions). The project aims to encourage a return to legality and reintegration into society through:

  • training courses
  • job opportunities

with the involvement of public institutions, businesses and local communities.  

The first trial-run of the initiative took place at the "Fornelli" Juvenile Penal Institution in Bari: a week-long summer rugby camp led by champion Diego Dominguez.

The camp was an opportunity to engage the young participants in the values of respect for rules, legality and others, as well as the importance of determination in the pursuit of a goal.

"Meta Insieme" is part of a broad range of projects that Intesa Sanpaolo has launched in Italian prisons since 2018, including:

  • "Golden Links: links are gold", offering opportunities for inclusion and work to prisoners and frail individuals
  • "(re)Enable, social agriculture for young people in criminal justice system area," with training opportunities in social agriculture, starting at the Juvenile Penal Institution in Bari

The "Meta Insieme" project will be further developed and replicated in other areas of Italy.