With San Patrignano Foundation to "support and prevent"

The image that accompanies the news on Intesa Sanpaolo's support for the Community of San Patrignano to strengthen and improve its welcoming capacity, portrays a group of smiling young people running holding hands on a green lawn

Intesa Sanpaolo is working with the San Patrignano Community to strengthen and improve its accommodation capacity and fight the underground addiction emergency.

"Support and prevent: together to give back a future" is the name of the project in which Intesa Sanpaolo has been involved since 2020 alongside the San Patrignano Community. Thus far, the project has made it possible:

  • to accommodate around 3,000 young people
  • to support the social reintegration of around 800 people by offering certified training courses and apprenticeships

Intesa Sanpaolo also launched a fundraising campaign for the construction of 300 new lodgings at the Community: "Another brick for SanPa" is active on For Funding, the Group's free crowdfunding platform.

The initiative was presented at the meeting "Links for the future: together to give back a future", held at San Patrignano, during which data from the European Drugs Report, the Report to Parliament on Drug Addiction and the San Patrignano Observatory were also presented:

  • Italy ranks third in Europe by the use of opiates and fourth by the use of psychoactive substances
  • the average age of users has decreased dramatically; in 2021, 621,000 students aged 15-19 reported having used a substance

In more than 40 years, more than 26,000 young people have passed through the San Patrignano Community, with 72% of them successfully reintegrating.