Intesa Sanpaolo finances Cartiera Ciacci's circular economy projects

The image that accompanies the News on funding for Cartiera Ciacci's circular economy projects, portrays two people who work within a company that recycles paper, while inspecting the material

Intesa Sanpaolo is supporting the circular economy projects of Cartiera Ciacci, a company active in the Italian paper recycling chain, with two loans totalling almost €1 million, to be used for:

  • setting up a reverse osmosis plant to recover waste water, thus reducing the consumption of fresh water
  • increasing the energy supply from photovoltaics, with the construction of a 515 KW plant for remote power generation

The loans are provided as part of the €8 billion ceiling that Intesa Sanpaolo has earmarked for the transition of businesses towards the new circular economic model, with the aim of decoupling economic development from the exploitation of exhaustible natural resources by redesigning the industrial system.