Mortgages for those under 36: smaller payments and half off fees

The image that accompanies the News on mortgage measures for young people under 36, which provide for mini installments and halved preliminary investigation costs, portrays a smiling young couple sitting on the floor, holding the keys to their new home in their hands, next to moving boxes

In the light of rising interest rates, Intesa Sanpaolo is taking action in the mortgage sector to support those under 36 who wish to buy a home, offering:

  • lower monthly payments
  • half off application fees

for sustainable access to credit for young people and families.

As an example, the monthly cost of a mortgage of €130,000 is €508 for a 40-year loan; the proposal is valid for loans up to terms of 35 and 40 years and for applications up to 80% of home value.

In addition, to aid young people preparing to take out a mortgage, Intesa Sanpaolo is also offering financing of 100% of the value of the property, with terms of up to 40 years, as well as the possibility of only paying interest in the first phase of repayment, up to 10 years.

With €15.6 billion in loans disbursed in 2022, Intesa Sanpaolo is a key player in Italy when it comes to first home mortgages and is a leader in providing mortgages to those under 36.