Intesa Sanpaolo opens an innovation hub in Naples with Talent Garden

The image accompanying the News on the opening with Talent Garden of a new technological innovation center in Naples portrays a young woman in a white shirt smiling sitting at the table of a meeting room together with other colleagues

Intesa Sanpaolo and Talent Garden are opening a new technological innovation hub in Naples with the aim of:

  • creating a structure dedicated to cutting-edge technology in the South
  • leveraging local expertise
  • fostering the South's entrepreneurial ecosystem

The new technology hub will become a true fulcrum of the digital sector in Southern Italy, employing around 400 people once fully operational. New hires and retraining are planned to offer opportunities for professional growth to young people with high-tech profiles, with particular attention to gender balance.

For Intesa Sanpaolo, this new investment in Naples and Southern Italy aims to attract the best energies in technology, thus internalising skills that are increasingly essential for the bank of the future, while also offering opportunities to young people in the area.

The spaces dedicated to the new technology hub – a total of about 1,500 square metres at the Intesa Sanpaolo office on Via Toledo – have been fully redesigned to encourage sharing, collaboration and creativity, in line with the new working methods adopted by the Bank, focused on the well-being of the people who work at it.

The first floors of the hub will be home to the Talent Garden campus: it will host the creative and technological ecosystem of Naples, and in the coming months will be enlivened by activities such as meetings with international mentors from the Talent Garden network, open innovation for companies and start-ups, but above all training courses on technical subjects.

Campania is Italy's number-three region by innovative start-ups, with over 1,420 new businesses, and number-two by certified incubators: with 35% of the population under 30, it is increasingly establishing itself as an innovation hub in Italy.

According to a study by Piepoli carried out for the occasion, dedicated to the relationship between young people and digital, there is growing demand for training from the younger generation in the South, and particularly from women. 

YOUNG PEOPLE AND DIGITAL - a study by the Piepoli Institute

According to the Piepoli study carried out for the occasion, "Young people and digital," there is growing demand for training in the digital sphere from the younger generation in the South, and particularly from women. Three of ten young people say they cannot live without digital, now an indispensable part of everyday life, yet at the same time they are aware of the importance of strengthening and improving their technical skills more specifically. If, on a national level, 50% of young people say they have solid hard skills, with as many as one-third of respondents claiming to know programming languages, in the South this percentage decreases significantly. The data highlight the awareness among the younger generation that the jobs most in demand among companies are social media manager and cybersecurity manager. Consequently, they are investing in their "digital" skills through specific courses, with a particular interest in digital marketing, data analysis and design, especially in the South. The report clearly shows preferences for the training approach to be taken, the desired company and sector of work, and working conditions that balance professional growth and personal ambitions. Eighty-two percent of users aspire to a position with a large service company, with a particular interest in innovative start-ups, preferably organised according to a hybrid model for 61%, particularly for women.