Business: Supporting 22 SMEs to meet growth challenges

The image accompanying the news on the Third Elite Lounge portrays two women and two men in the office, standing around a table on which documentation is arranged, in the act of exchanging information

The third ELITE Lounge of 2023, organised by Intesa Sanpaolo in collaboration with ELITE, is getting underway. It aims to identify the most promising Italian entrepreneurial realities in order to prepare them to face the challenges of growth through a set of business support services.

The 22 small and medium enterprises selected by Intesa Sanpaolo for this third Lounge will have the opportunity to access growth support services and a network of professionals and institutional investors to facilitate their access to the capital market.

The SMEs come from all over Italy, and belong to several industrial sectors of excellence in the national economy, including medical, food, construction, and metalworking and mechanical engineering.

In the five years since the first Lounge, Intesa Sanpaolo has supported more than 360 top companies from all around Italy and all sectors, fostering their competitiveness in international markets, dimensional growth and investment drive.

"This third 2023 edition of the Lounge again saw significant participation from companies from all over Italy and from a wide variety of sectors of the economy. This once again demonstrates the energy and dynamism that characterises the Italian business community, eager to grow and get to work, despite the uncertainties of the current macro-economic context".

Anna Roscio, Executive Director Sales&Marketing Imprese Intesa Sanpaolo