Agreement to kick-start tourism and hospitality businesses in the Marche region

The image accompanying the News on the agreement with Confcommercio Marche Centrali and Federalberghi Marche to encourage investments in the tourism and hospitality sector of the region, portrays a view of the city of Urbino at sunset

Intesa Sanpaolo, Confcommercio Marche Centrali and Federalberghi Marche are joining forces to spur investment in the region's tourism sector through specific measures to support local small businesses.

The common objective of the initiative is to boost the competitiveness of the region's tourism and hospitality SMEs by supporting investments in:

  • upgrading and increasing standards of quality of facilities
  • energy efficiency and reduction of environmental impact consistent with ESG principles
  • digitalisation

In particular, Intesa Sanpaolo launched its €5-billion Crescibusiness plan expressly dedicated to artisans, traders and small hotel operators, which provides:

  • liquidity assistance and secured financing
  • no commissions on in-store POS micropayments up to €15 for one year
  • no POS terminal and commercial credit card fees for one year
  • discounts on insurance products and rental of business assets, to contain operating costs.

Also available to SMEs in the tourism and hotel sector are dedicated financing lines such as the Suite Loan and S-Loan Turismo, intended for investments in improving the quality positioning of hotel facilities and hotel energy upgrades.

Intesa Sanpaolo's customers are also supported by Incent Now, a platform created in collaboration with Deloitte that allows them to quickly identify the best opportunities offered by the NRRP calls by profile, sector and area: one related measure awaited by the sector is the opening of the call for the Business Revolving Fund for Tourism, co-financed by CDP, in which Intesa Sanpaolo has already participated.